We like… The 2014 Academy Awards Oscars with Adrienne Papp

There are lot of events in a year you can attend, but one of them is so special. Who doesn’t want to be a part of an Oscar glamour night? Adrienne Papp is this lucky person, talking about her impressions of Oscar night. We share an interesting text with you.

“I get invited to a lot of social events  as a journalist / publicist, but there is nothing quite like the Oscars.  Excitement is in the air, everyone is full of wonder, looking forward to this fairytale-like evening with its never ending magic. The unexpected always happens just to keep things fresh year after year ( just like U2 performing live  on stage.)  The 86th Oscars was really by far one of the best ever produced in Hollywood.

Of course it’s Hollywood’s biggest night, where the most beautiful and talented people in the movies come out in their finest plumage in a show of glamour and glorious art-like dresses, for a broadcast that is shown to millions around the world.  It’s a living tapestry of celebrities on display in their most elegant fineries, lavish gowns and jewelry, as they grace the red carpet and are interviewed by every form of international media.

Sunday’s show was a unique blend of the traditional, the comedic, some surprises and many inspirational speeches.”

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Ph: latimes.com

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