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Veni, vidi, vici is art designer’s Denis Hlapic favorite saying that perhaps describes him as well. Following some life’s unfortunate events, this outwardly, versatile designer discovered a talent for painting. The paintings that are best described as combination (utilization) of unusual techniques and colors, unexpectedly and rapidly became most sought after both locally and abroad. For Denis, this became an opportunity to make a living, and to this day his interests have exponentially widened and broadened to other branches of art, marketing and (happening organization).

How and when did you become interested in art design?

 It all started few years back following life’s unfortunate events where I accidentally discovered my talent for painting. In the beginning I was doubtful that this gift will amount to anything let alone continue to develop and grow. After a while, I received very positive critiques from my surroundings, and later on from my peers and trade. My work became sought after, and all I would paint would be sold in record time. All of that was very encouraging and pressed me to advance my work.

What makes your work different from other artists, what is it that makes them recognizable (memorable)?

 First of all, all my work is a reflection of myself and my outlook on life, therefore they are vivacious, full of brightness and relay (convey) clear and positive message. Also my incredible crazy vibe. I use unusual techniques such as special glossy and matte sprays.


For the ones that are unfamiliar, you are also engaged in other art domains amongst which are fashion design as well?

Exactly! I wanted to delve into (try out) fashion as well, and with that give life and opportunity for my ideas to be seen on the streets and not limited to only to walls of someone’s home. In particular, I design T-shirts, and recently I had an offer for buying out my creations (designs) from a well known global fashion brand. Unfortunately, I had to decline their offer due to low monetary value these big name fashion brands put on great ideas. Besides painting and fashion I also engage in interior design, events, realestate. However the greatest pleasure for me is behind a turntable as a DJ, which is my favorite hobby.

One could say that you are very versatile and busy; therefore one logic question is when do you manage to do everything?

I am often asked that question. I love to joke, so I say that I function from 0-25hrs/day. It is in my nature to be “hyperactive” (workaholic), never have time for rest and I always have to be doing something productive. On the other hand, good organizational skills and well adjusted daily rhythm can help a lot. Everything can be accomplished when you are well organized.

On account of all business obligations, your base is set up in the Dalmatian metropolis?

Currently I am residing in Split, which suits me just fine. I love the sea and sun but there are things that are connected to this place that are not so great. For example, lately Split began to literally overflow with night clubs where folk music is the trend. Personally I would love to change that even a little bit, and currently working on that through happening public would be offered other much more interesting events (contents). It is necessary to push the limits, unfortunately now days not many have the courage to do so.


Do you sell your work abroad as well?

I sent my work to Austria, Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia and even United Emirates and United States of America. When I start naming all those countries I am often asked why I don’t live abroad. You never know, maybe one day I will! If I decide to move I would like to go to San Francisco or Miami, just because of the energy these cities radiate, and numerous business opportunities of course. I’m well traveled and I have been to many countries because I love to meet new people and new cultures. That’s one of the ways I get experience.

Are there people you work in collaboration?

Yes! Not only local but foreign (world wide) as well. But I don’t like to disclose their names discretion and all, and famous or anonymous you can count on that. I have worked with many in fields of interior design or art design.

At the end, on what projects are you working on now and which direction you plan on continuing?

For the time being I am mostly engaged in painting and interior design. I do plan to continue with all my work endeavors because I believe and feel that my work is going the right direction and that it will stay that way. Creative work is what fulfills me and I believe people recognize that. Even so, when you invest yourself in something, sooner or later you will get noticed.

Denis’s work can be seen on official website as well as on facebook:


interview by Marijana Skender

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