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Urban Nomads for Men is the second successful fragrance in the Michael Michalsky Perfume Collection after the debut Michael Michalsky Cologne for Men. It is a spicy/freshly fragrance with seductive notes of Italian citrus, eucalyptus essential oils and chocolate.
This perfume will suit extroverted and adventurous men who are not afraid of extreme circumstances. Inspired by the cosmopolitan fast urban life, Michael Michalsky Urban Nomads will suit men  anytime of the day wear. Perfume define the ‘urban society’ – one that lives in an increased mobility of daily life and challenging.  Michalsky Urban Nomads describe the life like clocks that tick faster and faster. A dynamically masculine fragrance full of mysteries for extroverted men.

The bottle radiate stylishness and elegance. We like it, the smell and design!

 Photo: perfumediary.com

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