Bretz, ravno iz snova

Tradicija i vještina spretno udružene s estetikom novog doba. Očarani kultnim sofama Bretz mogli bismo unedogled, no ovaj brand sam sebe najbolje opisuje:

Because our borders are fluid and open, encouraging immigration and freedom; because we’re not watered down; because we like to provoke, to flash, to show we’re different and, above all else, we are deeply committed to our cult; our workshop is a cauldron of creation.
At the very least, the ideas, the material and the craftsmanship produce character, brought to life by those who own it.
Mastery of this opus is our tradition and craft. We have enjoyed an eventful past, and our future is every bit as mischievous.
Since 1895.
And more than ever we are a part of life – and life loves us. We are the palette from which you paint. We’re entertainment, a poem, an attitude ahead of our time.
Bretz – NO reduction.

Izvor i više info: bretz.de

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