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I’m relatively short, which means a lot of my clothing in high school still fits me. Some of them is even big for me now, since I went through passionate love affair with candies. A lot of my clothing looks pretty cool though; bunch of Taylor Swift dresses and bohemian pieces. But now, when I wear it, I look hideous, not a trace of the cool person I used to was. Turns out when you are 22 and dressing like a 17 year old you look rather immature. Not a good path when dressing for real dreams. No one will take you seriously.

Life is a madman ride. One day you are in, next day you are out (yes, I’m aware I’m quoting Runway show). If we aggressively stick to one opinion with no wish to learn we will loose the game too soon. To enjoy the ride you are obliged to evolve.

Fashion is just a symptom of yours/mine evolution.

So, what to do, when that dress you wore 3 years ago doesn’t look good on you anymore?

Well, that’s a good sign. You are not the same person you were 3 years ago. That dress doesn’t present you the way it should. There shouldn’t be any regret because you are not as young as you were or as skinny as you were. If in any case you are regretting for any good traits you used to have then the best thing is to work on them. Without a doubt, but you should never try to get back to that dress.

What is in the past is in the past. You should let it go and embrace new smarter you.

Clothing has a deadline, even if its in a perfect shape. Just because McDonalds tastes good doesn’t mean its good for you. So, when you slowly start to realize that mini skirts are not your thing anymore you should giveaway them or sell them, because they definitely don’t represent you anymore.

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