Maja Banić: Make up is my passion

At the start it is clear that Maja Banić’s story cannot be summarized in a single article. This story began in Split in 1997 when, having completed secondary cosmetics school in Split, Maja enrolled in a prestigious Accademia di trucco professionale, Rome, one of the best make-up artist schools in the world.

During her two-year study she worked at RAI where she met a great number of celebrities from show bizz.

Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Monica Belluci, Antonella Clerici are just some of famous persons who wore Maja’s make-up.

However, as Maja says, this job is often far from being splendid. It is a time-consuming work lasting very often for more than 12 hours a day. It is very difficult and is totally different from that what you see in front of your TV, something that Italians like to say far from „del lusso“.

However, aside from her previous experience Maja’s wish came true after she specialized in fashion style make-up. This diploma secured her a job at the Milan Fashion Week, namely the Giorgio Armani fashion show where, together with others in a team, she assisted in make-up for his pret-à-porter line. Thereafter followed the engagements for Jean Paul Gaultier and the next top model shows in Germany.

But her cheerful and frisky spirit did not allow her to stop there. Eager for changes she returned to Croatia a couple of years ago and began the other part of her make-up story. Currently she cooperates with a number of national fashion magazines preparing a great variety of make-up looks for them. However, she admits that she misses Rome and Italy a lot.

During my stay in Italy, this country became a part of me. It is not difficult to fall in love with Italy and, who knows, maybe one day I will return there“.

Maja is very satisfied with her work and progress in Croatia where she says her artistry has come into its own. This is undoubtedly confirmed by the fact that her work is easily recognizable by her bright but decent nuances primarily on eyes.

While working, I always try my best to transmit a positive energy on faces as well as my great love for my job. Because, make-up is my passion“.

I am happy to say today that my previous experience has helped me a great deal in my work“.

I try to widen my horizons every day and I am always happy to see a new face which is a professional challenge and which pushes me forward. I hope this will continue in the future.

Maja Banić facebook: šminkanje za vjenčanja by Maja Banic

Maja Banić Make up

Text by Marijana Skender



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