Sporty elements 2013: Blousons

The jacket, lightweight and fashionable, with sporty elements is a star in new style philosophy this spring. Basic blouson model gets a great transformation. Blumarine suggests elegant and white, Jean Paul Gaultier’s blousons come in metalic and neon, Loewe  shows the elegant side of the jacket and combines the leather blouson with rock ensemble, Emilio Pucci connects two trends – chic and extraordinary  Asian prints.

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History of a blouson:

The MA-1 bomber jacket was originally designed for the US military during the 1950s. The MA-2 bomber jacket has now taken its place. The Black jacket was popularized by Yves Saint Laurent and was donned by some music groups in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Modern flight jackets have been popular with skinheads and scooterboys from the 1980s onwards.

In 1993, the blouson was worn as the national costume of the United States for the APEC meeting held in Seattle, Washington. In the early 2000s, the jacket was popular casual wear in hip hop fashion. The blouson jacket has been worn by several police departments in the United States, Austria, New Zealand, Germany and the United Kingdom due to its sturdy design, and heavy insulation. The NYPD has used a form of them as of 2010.

Source text below: wikipedia

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