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“Statement”, “Chunky”, “Relaxed”, “Peekaboo”: Is fashion language need for precise expression or pure affectation?

– Considering your constitution and occasion, you would look best in asymmetric dress with some striking detail, such as hand-made applications. This will give the freshness to the dress and highlight the unique factor. Dress should follow the line of the body and above it are layers of chiffon that gives it a feminine flair and discreetly hide figure flaws. You do not need with it some extra eye-catcher, add accessory in neutral tone, perhaps the best in nude shades, which will get along perfectly with emerald green.

– Wait, wait a minute, I’m not sure I follow. Draw it to me, I don’t get what are you talking about.  – we laughed in my studio because my friend said that she does not speak in “fashion language”, that I should explain it to her plainly because she will understand me better and that to her is only important to shine at this wedding, to wear something that no one else can buy anywhere and that could still hide the her imperfections. She loves fashion and follows trends but when shopping, she always plays safe, sticking to classic clothing lines, which she considers appropriate for her age. However, this time she dares to try something new, to walk her new “fashion me.”

The dress which I told her about should transformed her that evening into red carpet glamorous lady but with it, she needed to instill the feeling of self-confidence, so that she could wear it with confidence. And she should learn some fashion vocabulary because such dress and glamorous fashion dictionary go in a package.

Standout styles, ticking the wear-it-anywhere box, chiaroscuro-style, form-flattering fit courtesy, effortless, urban note, eyecatcher, statement, chunky, relaxed, peekaboo, Utilitarian, It, boxy, oversize, smart, Cost-Per-Wear, luxe, staple, retro, basic, Tough Girl, downtown, nautical, Off Duty, Having a Moment, Everything…

Do you understand these terms? A real need for precise fashion expression or pure affectation? By accepting the rules of fashion and trends we all agree on acting, a fashion game in which we assign ourselves different roles. Fashion, that is the way we live and by clothing we show our internal experiences and lifestyles.
Fashion, that is acting, in the fashion game we are all a bit of actors because there is no such thing as fashion that allows anyone, at least for the moment, to become someone else.
Fashion allows us to express ourselves, to show our own personality and point of view but also to try out new roles. With fashion, in the blink of an eye we can become someone else and with it we enter social stage every single day. Our each appearance on the street and in society places us under the “spotlight” and exposes us to criticism and our styling and image that are following us leave impressions on the observers, each time with different power. As we follow, we look and evaluate others, and it is the other way round.

Although we are feminine, classic type, in love with elegant lines, from time to time we may wish to wear sporty lines or take a lavish evening wear like a true diva. We follow the red carpet events, in order to be at least with clothing lines and colors somewhat closer to the famous stars. We visit fashion shows and fashion weeks, not only in order to inform ourselves about new trends and innovations but also to socialize with like-minded people, with a passion for fashion, those who truly live fashion. Those people use fashion vocabulary in order to express their fashion eyperience, which laic people find hard and compelling. No wonder that the fashion dictionary spreads and becomes more enriching and its terms overlook fashion content readings and fashion shows and enter daily life, which is already full with fashion content.

“Fashion is instant language”, says Miuccia Prada and Lagerfeld adds: ” Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” Even those who claim they don’t follow fashion and that it does not matter what others people think about them, they also care about their dressing and complete the visual phenomena. Even those occasionally peek into the fashion reading or otherwise informed themselves about trends. That the fashion language is essential and fashion really instant language that speaks about our habits, lifestyle, personality, testifies my acquaintance when he says: “My wife every morning inspects how I look before I go to work.”

” Fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, some never will – like an instinct.” said Edith Head.

Do you speak the language of fashion? Lifestyle regularly imposes trends and with them fashion language, too. Notion of dressing itself is no longer sufficient because “fashion circus”, as some affectionately call it, searches its own language in order to understand the “circus” even better. For decades we encounter terms that only few people outside the fashion industry fully understand and yet we are trying to interpret them in order to be IN.
“Marc Jacobs is the total over the top!” “Very 80-ies but with Paris – twist!” Translation? “The runway show that looked very eccentric.” “We have seen mix of the 80s with elements of classic French chic, which is most likely to stretch from New York to Paris in the parade style, becoming a must-have.” Sentences completely normal for the fashion industry but a little confusing to the average reader and listener. Moreover, not enough “down to earth”, that is, they do not sound enough too understandable. Fashion fans are easily recognizable, sometimes they wear almost unwearable things, experiment with mixing styles but are likely to be heard in various places, from street meetings to shops because they are quite loud: “You have not heard of this brand? Hot shit!” “This is so last season.”

If you are wondering why you should know the language of fashion and why I write these lines, just think about it, fashion and your personal style are sending information about you, a lot faster than you speak out with your tongue. After all, fashion is a language and style is what we choose to express it. Or should I ask with fashion vocabulary: “Why not?” You never know when you will need it. Maybe even at the next fashion show or at some cocktail party, where you will find numerous trendsetters. You might even fall in love with some fashionista. Or simply, for yourself, to enrich your own dictionary of fashion compound words. You follow fashion and trends anyways, don’t you? So next time you buy some new clothes or you make styling for going out, for shopping, a party or gathering, remember the quote: “Clothing is a codified language that acts as an interface between you and the world around you. “

Translation: Ksenija Vekić

photo: daily.indianroots.com

About the author: Nives Stepinac Grgurić ( pseudonym Nives-Stern) is the author of many articles on fashion & lifestyle web sites marla-design.com and  whattafashion.com. She writes about love and life, relationships as a freelance writer for many other portals and blogs and is a columnist at portaloko.hr. For cooperation please contact at marla.com.hr
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