The World’s Most Expensive Lunch Box is…

Takashimaya Restaurant in New York is celebrating its 180th anniversary and the company sells what could be the most expensive boxed meal ever to commemorate the occasion. It is not just the food inside the box that is going to make it expensive but the special lunch box that is being created with 3,300 grams of gold. Takashimaya is selling three commemorative gold boxes ( luxury lunch boxes, with three layers, made from 18-karat gold)

The upscale Japanese department store’s New Year’s meal set, known as “Osechi,” carry the princely price tag of 18 million Yens (about 180 000 € or 229 000 $).

It is certainly the most expensive ever sold by the historic department store, according to Megumi Ashizuka, a Takashimaya spokeswoman. The most expensive variation sold at Takashimaya last year was a 63 000 Yens three-level set.

Source: planetluxus



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