Kolumne Modni dizajneri Text by Dejan Kovačević

We like… “Origin” by Dejan Kovačević


“Origin means the begining…

Origin means the starting point…

 Origin means the cause or ultimate source from which the “IT” is derived or generated…

Origin represents the point 0 and it’s used as a fixed point of reference for the geometry of the surrounding space of one and specific person, one and specific life, one and specific dream. Your origin tells the story about you, who you are, what you do, what you dream of. It tells the story about your mother, your father, about your entire family. It explains all your desires and fears, creates your inhibitions, it releases all of your passions. By exploaring your origin you can discover things that make you who you are and the reasons for their exsistance. By rejecting your own origin you are no longer you, but someone else…”

Dedicated to my grandmother Milka Kovacevic.

( by Dejan Kovačević)

We present you amazing “ORIGIN” campaign video that touches our heart and emotions!

[vsw id=”UOG9okCRAoM” source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]




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