What do you associate with “red”?

The Initiatives in Arts and Culture was spearheaded by Lisa Koenigsberg, who hosted the 13thAnnual New York Fashion Conference on Allure, Style and Significance of Red this past month in New York City. Two-day conference painted NYC in all hues of red for the entire weekend filled with panel discussion on significance of red color in luxury, fashion, arts and society at large.

Speakers included well-known magazine editors, fashion designers, gem specialists, artists, writers and academic researchers who came together to discuss their love of the color red. Panelists discussed a variety of topics that included international development implications of red gem mining in third world countries, Valentino’s historic Red marketing campaign, social activism fueled by with HIV/AIDS (RED) Movement, famous red style statements by iconic women, as well as the intellectual property controversy by Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent on the bright red soles of a shoe.

Red is a powerful classic color that works well in any setting and across all categories, red sells. Don’t you think so? We found an interesting text at and wanted to share it with you.



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