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Xavier Dolan za Louis Vuitton

Glumac i režiser Xavier Dolan unosi old school šarm u novu Louis Vuitton kampanju, Ombré Collection, koja slavi posljednju linju kožnih prozvoda te donosi dva poznata modela u novoj izvedbi Porte-Documents Voyage Bandoulière i Keepall. Fotografije potpisuje Alasdair McLellan.

Zanimljivo je da je Dolan, kao dijete, kaže, sanjario o tome da postane lice važnog branda te je oduševljen ovom prilikom i smatra ju prstom sudbine: I’ve fondly dreamed of becoming the face of an important brand since I was a child, in the same way that others dream of becoming an astronaut. I dreamed of this as I first and foremost dreamed of becoming an actor and would look up at these huge posters of celebrities while driving along motorways or crossing under bridges. That I am today the face of Louis Vuitton almost seems like a twist of fate. You dream back to front, wanting the rewards before putting the work in. And then you work, get on with life and just sometimes these childhood dreams have a way of catching up with you. This is a true privilege for which I am eternally grateful.




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